Thursday, April 18, 2013

Louis C.K apparently implying pedophiles are gay

This being a news blog, I’m constantly on the lookout for worthy LGTB-related stuff to post. A few days ago, my reader was spammed by the same title over and over again – Louis C.K., the comedian, implies that pedophiles are gay men.

Read a few of these articles and thought to myself “Well, this can’t be right – Louis would never say such a thing”. Then I stumbled upon an article which had a transcript of the alleged monologue upon which the conclusion was drawn:

What is it with fountains? Like, all fountain-sculptors are pedophiles, basically. You can’t get a fountain-made without — ‘Can you make me a fountain?’ [Response in stereotypical gay male's, sexually aroused voice:] ‘Yes, I’ll get started right away! Aaaaggh… AAGGGH, yes!!! YES!!! It’s fi-nished!’ And [the commissioned fountain] is just little boys pissing on the face of a Greek god that looks like him a lot? [again in stereotypical gay male's, sexually aroused voice, while mimicking standing under the fountain's boy]: ‘Ahhh, piss on me forever!!!’"

Watch it here: 

I instantly started to feel angry. Not at Louis, no, but at the article’s writer(s). I’m living in a backwater country called Romania. Any debate regarding LGTB issues here is quickly swept under the rug and the initiator considered a lunatic in need of psychological and religious counsel.

Coming back to Louis and his monologue. The brackets in the above transcript are, of course, the work of the writer behind the article. I didn't want to say anything about this before I got to see the show for myself. So I got my hands on it and watched the whole thing. And, as I expected – it was funny as hell. And hand on heart – I did not, at any point, feel like I was misrepresented, mocked or associated in any way with pedophilia.

First of all: Yes, he does use a girly voice during that monologue . But I highly doubt that homosexual men will be all like “Yeah, I sound exactly like that!”. I don’t and it’s not a voice with which I can relate to. So that argument is stupid and pretty much destroys each and every article written on this particular subject.
Second of all – he’s a comedian! What does it take for some people to get this through their thick skulls?! He could’ve said “All pedophiles are gay men!” on stage and continue on explaining this, while being funny and making a funny point and I wouldn't have taken offence from this – at all! I mean, he’s talking about animals eating babies, about flushing a dog down the toilet and pooping on it, about how we should “maybe” let people who have nut allergies die out, and many more. Do you see animal groups standing out in front of the theaters or stages where he performs and trying to boycott him? Do you see people who have nut allergies write absurd articles about how they’re offended by what he said? No! Of course not! Because he’s a comedian and he can wield the power of free speech on that damn stage as he pleases. Don’t like it? Don’t watch the show! It’s that simple! You weren't prepared for this kind of humor? Simply walk out and get over it!

I personally think that this whole fight for LGTB rights is becoming an increasingly popular trend. There’s no substance to it anymore, especially in some cases like this one. Gay people are becoming more and more overly-sensitive about issues that really don’t matter. Making a spectacle of what a comedian said during his HBO-special stand-up show is such an example of gross exaggeration without any base whatsoever. And remember – this is coming from a gay man living in a country where you could easily get a serious beating if you dare to hold hands or kiss your boyfriend on the streets.

So… of course it’s right to fight for just causes. Of course it’s admirable to fight for your rights and fight against discrimination. And of course people should come together in eradicating bigotry and prejudice. But maybe – just maybe – if you identify yourself having a girly voice and sculpting a statue of cherubs pissing on your face… maybe you deserve to be mocked. 

Transcript source: Mediaite
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