Friday, May 24, 2013

24.05.2013 Highlights

The final vote is in concerning gay Boy Scouts

Openly gay boys can now join the Boy Scouts of America without restrictions. The ban on gay members still stands when it concerns adult leaders.

Source: NBC News

Hate crime on the rise in New York

The whole marriage equality thing which recently started a nation-wide debate has also sparked an increase of anti-LGBT hate crimes in New York. One man was killed, and others assaulted in the past few weeks. Even Mayor Bloomberg spoke out against these acts. Watch the conference here.
Mark Carson, shot and killed in New York’s Greenwich Village 

Source: Letz Get Real

Nevada pushing forward with legislation to lift the ban on gay marriage

While there are already 13 states which allow same-sex marriage within the US, there's still a long way to go until all of them do. Luckily, there's some hope that the US Supreme Court will rule in favor of the LGBT community and bring all this fuss to an end. Nevada is trying to lift the ban on same-sex marriage with high odds of success - but the whole thing will still have to wait until, in 2016, when citizens will be called to a vote on the whole thing.

Source: Pink News

Due to possible violence, Ukraine cancels Gay Pride

A court in Ukraine has ruled that a Gay Pride March might incite violence due to its nature - a thing they wish to avoid not by increasing security, but by cancelling everything altogether.

Source: Towleroad

Same-sex couples can now volunteer in the Peace Corps

Domestic same-sex partners can now apply together in volunteering for the Peace Corps. This has been done to continue what repealing "Don't ask, don't tell" started. Good job!

Source: NBC News

Moscow courts ban Gay Pride March. Activists to ignore them

LGBT activists in Moscow have announced that they intend to ignore court bans on the Gay Pride March and do it anyway. The highest court in Russia has ruled sometime last year that homosexual propaganda is illegal for the next century. These guys who plan on marching on Saturday know very well and have alerted participants that police violence and arrests will probably be made.

Source: Queerty