Friday, May 3, 2013

Hooray Rhode Island!

Rhode Island becomes the 10th state where same-sex marriage is legal in the US, bringing a total of 20% of US states which are on the right path.
Governor Lincoln Chafee signed the bill into law on the 2nd of May, 2013.

Gov. Lincoln Chafee proudly holding the bill after signing it. Photo source:  Yahoo News

Is it only me, or is the same-sex marriage agenda moving ever faster nowadays? Are we finally waking up from a bad dream, filled with homophobia, intolerance, bigotry and downright ignorance? I'd like to think so. But then, there's this:

I don't know whether this was intended as a serious video. I sure hope not. This is highly disturbing, from the father telling him "You can't have a husband" over and over again to the fact that the little brat is really annoying. In any case, this is NOT how you promote marriage equality.