Sunday, June 23, 2013

Exodus within Catholic Church. Another Exodus shutting down. Equality House in Topeka to hold first gay marriage. Vietnam debating marriage equality.

Recent statistics show a mass exodus happening within the Catholic Church. The reason? Their (Catholics) stance on LGBT rights. Well, it's about time something started to move about. Apparently these people either chose to leave the church entirely, or move to more progressive, open-minded protestant churches. According to a study conducted by the Pew Foundation, around 28% of baptized US Catholics leave the church at one point or the other, and mostly because of Vatican's stances on several sensitive issues like gay rights, abortions and contraceptive use.

And while we're on the subject of exoduses, one of the leading Ex-Gay organizations called Exodus has shut down its activity and are very sorry about their actions over the years. Now, who'll pay for their damages? Do they think that a smile and a "sorry" will solve all the problems they've created over the years, like, say denying someone's whole being and trying to change them into something they're not? I really hope lightning strikes their sorry asses down.

WBC under attack again as the Equality House in Topeka, Kansas is preparing for a same-sex wedding right across from the Westboro Baptist Church's HQ in town. And, of course, they (the WBC) wanna complain again and are especially looking out for the media turnout. They'll probably mess up the wedding by throwing a bucket of paint on the brides to be. But seriously now - some people just deserve nothing better than to be mutilated by their own stupidity. Like accidentally tripping on their shoelaces and landing in a pool full of deadly sharks that have lasers on their heads.

In any case, we're winning ground in terms of equality. Openly gay man Eirc Fanning has taken over as the Secretary of the US Air Force when his superior resigned recently. Even more so, Vietnam's National Assembly agreed to start debating marriage equality. If passed, it would be the first Asian country which does so and optimism is at an all time high on this issue.

And that's all for this week. Have a great Sunday and look for The Sunday Movie Review which I'll post a bit later.