Thursday, June 20, 2013

Russia's ongoing anti-LGBT war. WBC demonstrates their bigoted stupidity again. Gay teen invents pancreatic cancer test. The Daily Show. Obama nominates 3 gay ambassadors.

Russia strikes again! Putin was very vocal about his intentions of banning adoption for international same-sex couples and now, the Russian Lower Parliament voted unanimously for the ban. This doesn't come as a surprise, as the LGBT community in Russia is constantly under attack and oppression by the government. Then again, what could you expect from a fundamentalist christian nation? The whole thing came as a response to the ongoing and strong social and political shift towards LGBT rights.

While we're on the subject of christian fundamentalism, let's turn our heads towards the disgustingly popular Westboro Baptist Church. Recently, a little girl set up a lemonade stand right across their HQ in Topeka, Kansas. Their response was, as expected, ragingly stupid, bigoted and downright offensive towards the little girl, basically calling her a "fag enabler". Here's the sign they put up in response to the little girl's initiative:

Mark Carson, a gay man living in New York has been shot in the face at point-blank range some time ago, again in a clear demonstration of bigoted homophobic attitude which comes as a response to the recent advances made by the LGBT community in the States. His killer was identified and charged accordingly. Now apparently, he's pleading not guilty. His lawyer is making a case based on the fact that he was supposedly abused sexually as a child. If that's true, it's indeed a sad situation - but I still don't get how it would motivate someone to do something as hideous as this. Hope they'll lock him up for good, although it's times like these when I wish the electric chair hadn't been decommissioned.

Alright - enough with the sad news. A gay teenager has invented a test which detects pancreatic cancer with an almost 100 percent accuracy. Jack Andraka's test, according to the London Evening Standard, is “400 times more sensitive, 168 times faster and 26,000 times cheaper than today’s.” The test can also be used to detect HIV/AIDS and Alzheimer's.

The Daily Show strikes again - now, targeting Christians who claim they're bullied by the gays. This is so funny and I'm so glad I have the chance of sharing it with you. Thank you John Oliver! Watch it here:

What do Rufus Gifford, James Costos and David Baer have in common? Well, they're all gay. And why is this important? Because President Barack Obama has nominated them as ambassadors to Denmark, Spain and  the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, respectively. Hooray for Obama!