Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Daily Show. NPH as Hedwig. Polish MP attacked after pride. Sexy Putin.

This edition of the Daily Show brings some insight onto what's currently happening in the US and across the world. Sure, the news is pretty sad on itself, but John Oliver's style makes it sound a lot better, putting the whole thing in a new light and a whole new perspective. Thought I'd share the video with you:

In other news, as we're waiting for the Supreme Court to rule on DOMA and Prop 8, we've got confirmation that Neil Patrick Harris will be playing Hedwig in the 2014 spring Broadway premiere of Hedwig and the Angry Inch. I'm not saying that I'm not curious about seeing NPH in drag, nor do I doubt his extraordinary singing abilities - what I am curious about is how much of my soul I'd have to sell in order to get to see the show.
I'm kidding - I have no soul.

Speaking about lack of souls, a moron attacked the first openly gay Polish lawmaker, MP Robert Biedron. After the pride parade in Warsaw, Biedron was with some friends in a relatively peaceful and quiet neighborhood, having coffee when they were assaulted by Moron, who took it upon himself to spit on Biedron and punch him in the stomach. Luckily, Moron was arrested shortly after and is now facing criminal charges. Hope it was worth it, Moron.

Before I end this article, here are some pics of today's favorite president, Vladimir Putin:

Look me in the eyes Putin and tell me you didn't get the idea from Brokeback Mountain.