Monday, July 1, 2013

Alec Baldwin Coming Under Scrutiny for Allegedly Using Homophobic Slurs

Short story: George Stark, a reporter from UK's Daily Mail wrote an article, condemning Baldwin's wife of tweeting during James Gandolfini's funeral. You know, the guy from The Sopranos who recently died (pity, he was a great actor). Anyway, Hilaria (Baldwin's wife) tweeted after the funeral, but this Stark guy isn't so good at math, so when he took the time stamp from the tweet, he forgot that it's NY time and figured she tweeted during the funeral (and even if she did, what's the big f-ing deal?! But apparently every little shit story makes the news nowadays). As a response, Baldwin started a rant through the following tweets:

The supposedly homophobic tweets.

And then, the internet exploded with Baldwin being called a homophobe. Really now - this again? I've proven the same point about Louis C.K, even though those were completely different circumstances. Here, I don't feel an ounce of homophobia coming from Baldwin. He was (rightfully) directing his anger at a moron who doesn't know math. A moron who picked on Baldwin's wife for a shit reason. Even more so, Stark (the moron) isn't gay as far as I've been able to dig up. And even if he is gay, he's a gay moron, so he had it coming.

The LGBT community is striving for equality. We have no problems calling out bigots and idiots all day long, but Lord Hamster forbid we call a gay person a queen. After all the progress we've made in the past years, it's about high time we let go of the whole war on homophobic slurs. Sure, it's not elegant and it's not something an educated person would do with absolutely no reasons whatsoever. But in this case, Stark deserved Baldwin's anger.
Baldwin and his pregnant wife, Hilaria.
So - we wanted equality. We got it. If we act like toxic little queens, then it might be that we deserve to be called so. And in my honest opinion, Stark did act like one. I really feel sorry for what Baldwin's been put through because of this stupid story. More so, his wife didn't deserve this unwanted attention. Alec issued a public apology for GLAAD and deleted his Twitter account. The DailyMail article has been taken down. And good riddance - trash news from a trash source, written by a trash reporter.