Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Follow-Up to Marriage Equality in Britain. Autopsy Results Show Cory Monteith Cause of Death.

Britain has officially passed marriage equality. While yesterday we reported that The House of Lords passed the bill, today The House of Commons, in just about 2 hours approved the bill and sent it further. It's now in the hands of Queen Elizabeth II who will have to sign it as a formality in about a week. Same-sex couples will be able to legally marry each other next summer. The debate continues, however, as religious fanatics are sure to attack the bill and the Church of England will surely have something to say about its place in all this (will they eventually perform same-sex marriages or not?). In any case, hooray Britain!

The cause of death has been revealed in regards to Cory Monteith, the 31-year-old who died a few days ago in his hotel room. The Glee TV-show actor apparently died of an overdose of heroin and alcohol. Luckily for his fans, he finished a movie before the tragedy happened - McCanick.