Tuesday, July 2, 2013

US Pastors blame gays and abortions for Colorado Springs wildfires. Mormons are accepting the facts about marriage equality. Russia and Nigeria are taking considerable steps back in terms of LGBT rights.

Two God and fellow man loving pastors are showing the world that people are still capable of inhumane reasoning even in this day and age. They were talking about the recent wildfires in Colorado Springs and, instead of talking about reasonable issues like global warming or even negligence, they turned towards legal abortions and gay civil unions - blaming both for the wildfires caused by God in response to these pieces of legislation. Now, I'd expect this from Westboro, but now conservative pastors? Shouldn't we witness some sort of progress instead of clear stupidity? I mean, what do they have to gain from it? Cause statistics don't lie and they clearly state that most people in the US are for marriage equality and equal rights for the LGBT community. Who still listens and takes into consideration such nonsense ramblings of two, obviously deranged pastors?
Listen to a minute of their radio show here.

Mormons, on the other hand, are talking about and initiating some LGBT acceptance activities. Some Mormons marched in prides this year, while the Church has withdrew itself form the marriage equality debate sparked by DOMA and Prop 8's demise. This is, after all, a good thing. My personal views dictate that if I don't have anything constructive or good to say, then I'd better shut up. Just lashing at LGBT people surely wouldn't get them more followers or strengthen the faith of those already committed to the church. It's all a ploy to become more popular and that's something which can intuitively be concluded by just about anyone with half a brain. But it's good enough if it keeps them out of politics and out of the lawmaking process.
Here, a trailer for Families are Forever - a 21 minute film about how a Mormon family has come to change their views on homosexuality (for the better) when their son came out to them:

Russia's anti-gay propaganda bill has been signed into law and some US conservatives are applauding this fact. It's a very sad fact that there are still people on the wrong side of this entire debate. The Russian law is very sketchy and will probably lead to people being arrested just for being themselves in public places. Something similar is happening in Nigeria, even though the UN has condemned that bill several times - but in Nigeria, the President has yet to sign the bill into law.