Tuesday, July 9, 2013

White House Responds to Petition Against WBC. Putin Signs Anti-Adoption Law for Foreign Same-Sex Couples and Arrests More Protesters. About Marriage and a Message for Pat Robertson. Oh, and Two Popes Co-Write Homophobic Text.

The White House has issued a statement in response to the 5 individual petitions submitted which asked that Westboro Baptist Church be recognized as a hate group. In the statement, they said their hands are tied, as WBC's actions still fall under the protection of the First Amendment. Again, I cannot stress the fact that people should understand freedom before they can benefit from it. WBC clearly doesn't understand much.

Russia continues its war against LGBT protesters, by arresting four people who went out to voice their strong opinions against the recently adopted law which bans "homosexual propaganda". This was done in order to "protect the children". I'd laugh if this weren't so sad. Putin also signed into law the bill which bans foreign same-sex couples from adopting children.

The first out gay politician in Singapore is urging the repeal of anti-gay laws in the state. Vincent Wijeysingha of the Singapore Democratic Party came out on his Facebook page earlier this month and he's very optimistic about the possible repeal of the Section 377A in the Penal Code which bans men from having sex with each other. Lesbian sex is no longer banned in Singapore.

Big Brother is still rolling! I had no idea. And apparently, this batch of morons are very homophobic and racist compared to past participants. Luckily, they have been fired from their respective jobs in the "real world' due to their comments. More about it, here.

Marriage equality is still coming under scrutiny, often enough being attacked from a Christian perspective. Do I need to point out that this is absurd? Christians had nothing to do with the concept of marriage. The Bible puts the Earth some 6000 years-old. Marriage has been a part of human culture since 20,000 years ago - do the math! Moreover, the Bible itself isn't very clear about what marriage is and there's a great article written about this here.

And while we're talking about the "greatness of religion", here's the story about the Dominican cardinal (coincidentally, a raging homophobic moron) who has to deal with pedophilia accusations in his dioceses. The priest in question has been suspended, according to the Cardinal and the jury's still out whether the allegations are true or not. But I think that we all know the answer.

Televangelist Pat Robertson, an outspoken, verbal gay-bashing, death-avoiding skeleton wants a "Vomit" button on Facebook. He was recently talking about people posting their wedding and couple photos on Facebook, especially gay people. When he sees two men kissing, he feels like vomiting and would like to have that option on Facebook. Interestingly enough, I doubt he has any gay people among his friends - so it stands to reason that he hunts down those pictures in order to vomit. Bulimic? Neah, just homophobic.
Here you go Pat. Courtesy of GayNewz:
Gay Community                           Pat Robertson
    GayNewz cares.

Speaking of morons, the two popes (current pope and ex-pope) apparently came together and wrote a religious document which underlines that marriage "should be a stable union of man and woman". I really don't know why they even bother. It's not like anyone worthwhile reads those things. “This union is born of their love, as a sign and presence of God’s own love, and of the acknowledgment and acceptance of the goodness of sexual differentiation”, the text goes on. Well, except when it doesn't. Like when he gets her pregnant and has no choice. Also, with God there, it really does sound like a threesome.