Monday, September 9, 2013

The True Nature of the Beast - The Soviet Story

You simply must watch this documentary.

Get it here:

Also - Fuck you, Putin. Fuck you!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

About Gays and Blacks... and Buses. Sicily Openly Gay Governor Takes on Mafia. Russia Getting Bitch Slapped like Shiva. 2-Year-Old Called a "F*cking Faggot" in a US Walmart. 84 Minute Kiss Movie.

I've always seen this whole discrimination business against gay people as something similar to what was happening with black people and now I have proof it's exactly the same! A gay couple in Portland, Oregon was sent to the back of the bus for showing sings of affection. The bus company issued an apology afterwards, stating that they don't promote homophobia. Yeah, right... :))

Sicily, believe it or not, has an openly gay governor. Rosario Crocetta is his name and tackling Sicily's mafia's his game. Yeah, I know, right?! Here's the badass who's causing all the fuss:

Crocetta holds his governor position with pride, as The Washington Post says it in this wonderful article. So beware world, gays can now tackle mafia thugs!